A downloadable asset pack

Taiga: Asset Pack is a 16x16 pixelart styled tileset with a taiga forest aspect. Pine trees, ancient stone houses, grass and rocks is the main atractive of this pack.

With its serene atmosphere, Taiga: Asset Pack will make your project comes alive and be able to immerse the player in a beautiful green path with more realistic and less caricature style.

This pack is perfeclty suitable to genres like platformers, metroidvaina, endless runners or just with any kind of game with a lateral view.

Besides the tileset and the props, this pack includes a Mountains Background and a Pine Tree Forest Middleground.


Taiga-Asset-Pack_vnitti.zip 170 kB


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thanks these really is a grate asset 

I love this stuff. Would you be able to colaborate?

I can use it in my commercial project, and I will give you the credits


Of course! Please let me know the updates or release of your project so I can post them on my twitter account ;)

Hey vnitti, Thank's for your art, it's amazing!

I made a html5 and android game with your asset and put your name on credits inside the game.

This is the link for the game:


I hope you and other guys enjoy it!

Thank you vnitti for the Taiga: Asset Pack, it really helped me to express my vision for a prototype I made: https://ordnas.itch.io/pixel-dungeon

I hope you will enojoy it!

OMG!! Man, I loved it!! It looks fantastic, I'll post this on my Twitter page so everyone can see it and play the prototype. Thank you for your preference! :D

hello pleaase can you share how to split the tile in the game 

Hi! It can be easily slipt with Tiled. If you use Unity, you can export to it with TiledToUnity. There are tons of tuts about this topic in Youtube. I hope it helps.

Olá, muito linda a arte,  posso usar em produtos comerciais?

Thank you! Yes you can, as long as you give the proper credit. Inside the pack you will find a .txt file where this is explained in more detail.

Obrigadoo! Sim, você pode, contanto que você dê o devido crédito. Dentro do pacote, você encontrará um arquivo .txt, onde isso será explicado com mais detalhes.

Beautiful work. Archive is working fine.

Thank you! Glad you like it